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hey hey , so today i didn't go to tuition cuz it's all started when my father , eeerrrrggghhh , secara mengejud ayah shana cakap na pegi shopping lagi for hari raya's clothes , well , ikut saja lahh , lagipun kalau tsyen tade pape la sanad , ken ken ? and and so sowe kaka alia cuz ta dtg , hehe , cadang mahu jumpa dea nyh , mahu manjamanja , gedikgedik , santaisantai , ngutukngutuk , gosipgosip , hahaha , tapi kaka alia ta dtg jugak hari nyh , fuhhh , nasib baek kaka gtahu ! haishhh , kalau shana dtg no point lahh na tggu kaka cm owg bdo jehhh , hehehe . so finding clothes is so NOT easy guyz , many unwanted clothes that my mum ask me to modeling it for her , yeah , nevermind , i'm used to it , so it's been 25 clothes i'd tried plus modeling it , but it seems ugly , it does not fit me ! aww aww ! ta chantek ! wlaupon manyak baju shana cuba , but only one shirt that looks great ! ahaaa ! black plus white , yeah i know , gothic colour rite ? but for me naaaahhhh , tade rupa gothic pon ,
after shopping , ayah bawak pegi MARRYBROWN kat rainbow , haha , terkenang masa kechik dulu bila tengok bola wrna-wrni to , hehe , so , it's 6.30pm and too early ayah ! i'm starving and thirsty , peeerrrggghhh , mudak2 kecik minum selamba jehh depan shana , well iman kena kuat yawww ! so tahan , one hour more shana ! so ayah and ibu went shopping again cuz my mum mahu baju lagi , haishhh , biar lahh , so it's me and my bro's duty to baby-sitting our siblings , yeah , so easy cuz they're playing . then shana and bro story2 lahh , we are kindly like RAPAT ! haha , he's a great bro yaa ! so we sang many songs such as kekanda adinda , kekasih gelapku and many more to fulfill our boring-ness ,
it's 7.15pm and my parents just came back from shopping , well , my mum seems happy for getting new clothes , and the foods are ready now , we just need to wait until azan , marrybrown were crowded with muslims , they're just like me , starving and waiting for the azan , so it's silent at 725pm , everybody were listening to the radio , perakfm . and the azan was played , and my family were the one who resite the doa first , fuhhh , i'm the one that drank first , ahhhhh , hilang dahaga ! haha , so after eating we went back home , as usual i have to modeling again for my mum , haiyaaa .

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This song really inspired me a lot. It teaches me to always fight for what we want. Show 'them' that we're never going to give up on anything and keep on trying until we're a hero of ourselves♥

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