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Hey there. It's been ages I'd leaved this blog. And now maybe I'll always updating something. My teacher ask to do so, English teacher. She asked all of her student to make a diary, on September she wanna see it. If she asked me, I'll give my blog URL, bhaha :D as long as there's internet, I'll always be there to update about my day. In English ok, not to be 'berlagak', teacher's choice. Hm :/

Today is Thursday. I love Thursday, why? Becuz tomorrow is the last day of schooling for 5 days. Wow. Although it's 5days, but I'mma tired. No sleep, no tv, no nothing, just homework. Dozen of homework. Science stream do really need a hardwork, aite?

There's a 'ceramah' today from 1230pm till' 2pm. My bie surely hell mad, bcuz I didn't tell him I'll be back home late. Thanks god, he understands me. Fyuuuuh, if not I'll be calling and 'pujuk' him. Hahah. I'm not too expert on writing english btw. So I'mma mix up my writing ok.

In the school hall, me and my Bestfriend ofcourse sat together. We planned earlier to met at the 'Koperasi Shop' but the reality was I'm the one who had to climb those stairs and wait them infront of their class. -,-

Then we all went to the hall and the 'ceramah' begun. It was so bored actually. I was sooooo damn sleepy. Hoping if there would gave me a blanket and a pillow, or a pillow will do, just to rest my eyes. Ok that's a daydream actually. Rina was half-sleeping, Lynn and Myra talking with Teah I guess and me talking + half-dying to sleep with Mimi. I slept for about 10mins when I woke up it's 130pm. I don't really know what to do next so I talked with Mimi. Bla bla bla.

Guess what? Mimi and I been called by our Kauseling teacher bcuz we both talked alot like devils - she said. Rina, Myra and Lynn get away with it. I'm the one whom has to faced the teacher's nagging, and also Mimi infront me. She scolded us, then she off to someone I donno.

It's a shamed, damn embarrassed />_<\

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