I'm full.

Sunday, February 12, 2012 @ 12:16 PM | 0 Comment [s]

I'd just have my breakfast at Mee Kari Man. Now I'm at home, busy tweet-2 and fb-ing. Soooooo damn bored. I miss my F so much. What could he being doing now? Hm, tomorrow's Monday, so I get to meet him, YEY (Y). Can't wait tomorrow! I'm sleepy btw, but my hands keep on pushing phone's button. Can't leave this phone for a while or I might get unnormal. HAHA.

Just now I red an article, someone post it on fb, I was bored so I click it. Thailand couples married, it's a great thing, aite? But unfortunately the bride had an accident the day before her wedding. I'm sure the broom stood dumpfounded. But the most sweeeetest thing was, they still go on with the wedding the next day - the big day. Although the bride was dead, but the broom still wanted to marry her bcuz it was the bride's wishes. Sweeeet right? This what they call sacrifices for our love, ok I'm about to cry reading it :') some people said the article were ages ago, I donno bcuz I'd just know it.

I didn't have any kredit. I didn't go out. So I miss him alot, yes I do - did I just say that again? Gosh, I miss him, miss miss miss. Miss you Muhamad Firdaus :'(

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