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Boom~ it's 0234am, Sunday. I cannot sleep yet, my bie is out from this world now, he was sooooooo tired bcuz he does many things earlier. So I don't think he should acompany me tonight, let him get his beautiful sleep while I online viewing other boys picture *joke. Don't take it too serious. I only love Muhamad Firdaus ok.

Since my brother had left to his MRSM, I only get to online and updates blog by using phone. My brother took the laptop with him. It's not so bad after all using phone. Bcuz I'm used to it now. Poor me, aite? This blog kinda look funny and weird, I think so. I donno, in my phone it looks sooo completely weird, but using PC or lptop, I donno -,-

Ahhh~ I'm hungry. Is there any leftover on the kitchen table? Naahhh, none. So I'm off to bed. I'm sleepy now btw. Update blog is the best way to make me sleepy. Tehe, nites. Ily F <3

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