Morning fight.

Sunday, February 12, 2012 @ 9:30 AM | 0 Comment [s]

I'm soooooo fvcking depressed and stressed this morning. I hate it when my father woke me up just to ask me doing something, for example feed the cats, I was like 'Can I do it later? Biar betol, nati Ana buat laaa' but he kept on 'No No No! Sekarang!', and I really-2 hate it, I mean it -..-

So this morning too, my parents argued. They we shouting like hell. Mums' making her 1sen face, father scolding, erghh~ Can this day get even worst? If I have money and work, I would get my ass out from this house. I dislike when they quarrelling. I HATE IT!

I'm hearing Ass back home - Gym class heros ft. neon hitch. This song inspires me to get out from this house, bhaha :D. If only I have the power to control this condition, I would had done it, seriously. But I'm just a daughter to them. Fvck -,-

I miss my F. I got no kredit, same goes to him too. Last night I topup rm10 Maxis but finished right on the spot. Don't ask me how I used it. I really-2 regret it. Hoping there would be a nice person to topup for me, bcuz I'm not going anywhere today, I guess. So I want TOPUP. I wanna send callmeback to Mimi, maybe she will help me with it, bcuz she's the ONE who will help me when I need her. Sometimes she topup for me without asking me to pay it back. That's what friend for, aite? :D

About F watch, I'm soooo gonna pay it back or bought him a new one. I'm so sori bie. Don't worry, I'm gonna do it. Muuah :'*

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This song really inspired me a lot. It teaches me to always fight for what we want. Show 'them' that we're never going to give up on anything and keep on trying until we're a hero of ourselves♥

Ya Allah, Engkau permudahkan lah ujian yang bakal hambaMu ini hadapi nanti. Aminn!◕‿◕