My dear remote.

Monday, February 27, 2012 @ 11:22 PM | 0 Comment [s]

Hello stalkers. I don't really know what to update today. Yeah, I kindda busy today, I think. Bcuz now is 1110pm, too late for a student to sleep, aite? My Ibu keeps on yelling and shouting, what worse can it be? Just bcuz I didn't go bed yet, she's freaking like hell. Gosh, I'm sleepy now. But Kungfu Hustle is now showing in TV3! Aaahhhh~ My ibu took the remote just now, about 10mins ago, bcuz she wants me to sleep, poor you my dear remote :( But I'm stuborn. Yeah, people were created stuborn but up to that person to change it - my school principal said so.

This moring, I wore my purple contact lenses to school. I look cute, aite? Ok, I'm accompliment myself, tehee. In tuition also, my friends were like 'eh! Cartoon eyes! Cute!' err, and they kept on asking me 'Can I touch it?' 'Does it hurts?' 'How much it cost?' 'Where do you bought it?' 'When?'. I admit, it was so devastating -,- seriously, I hate it. But I like it when they said good things such as 'Cute' 'Adorable' 'Cat's eyes' LOL :D

That's all for now, btw tomorrow I have an experinment in Chemistry Class, YEY (!) bye.

Lots of Love, Shana.

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