My Sunday.

Sunday, February 26, 2012 @ 6:26 PM | 0 Comment [s]

Good evening. Lets talk about my day for today :)

This morning me, ayah and my sister went breakfast, as usual at Mee Kari Man. Their Mee Sup are so mouth-watering :D after that we went to Parade to buy my contact lens and revision books. Ayah bought me a purple contact lens. I really-2 want it so fvcking bad! Thanks Ayah! Muah muah :*

Went to popular to buy Physic, Add math, Chemistry and Pendidikan Islam. Then my father asked me to accompany him to go to KL today. I can't go. Bcuz tomorrow's school and my Ibu will freak out if she knows I wanted to go with Ayah :( so as a result, I'll be staying in my room doing homework or study I suppose.

4 hours ago, 215pm, I met someone. He came here, and we started hang out, just us two. My ibu knows about it, plus she knows him. So no worries :) we went strolling around my place, after we get tired, we stopped somewhere here. He's so cute, like always! Damn cute, I'm addicted to you now :') can I have you darling? Hahah :D it's too early for us to couple, right sayang? Hehe, hopefully someday :D

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