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Good Eve-Morning. I'm not yet into bed. Bcuz I'm texting with my love.

Yesterday we had a cat fight. A BIG GIGANTIC CAT FIGHT. We both quarrel alot. Bcuz he made a plan without telling me, he hoped that I won't know, but the reality is I was dumbfounded when I found out. Thanks to this young pretty girl who told me.

First, I'm not so sure about what's the girl told me. Then she forward me all the message, I could not believed with my own eyes. It was a heart-broken. Only Allah knows how was my feeling.

Suddently I scolded him before finding out the truth. Finally, it was such a drama from him. I excidently unproposely told him 'Ihateyou' and until now he remembers that word. I'm sooo sori bie :'(

We both figured this things out and finally we had our life back as usual. I'm soooo damn into you sweetheart. I love you more than you know

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