Sekolah ganti.

Saturday, February 25, 2012 @ 6:36 AM | 0 Comment [s]

Wake up all the early birds there! It's 6:35am. I got school today, not only me, I'm sure other student also bcuz today is 'Sekolah ganti'. Err -,- why there should be a 'sekolah ganti' hah? I'm lazy .D today suppose to be the day that I sleep for hours until the sun goes up. Oh ye yeh, but uhhhh -..- school mess up my rutin for Saturday. Kbabai :) Oh one more thing, I'm single back!

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This song really inspired me a lot. It teaches me to always fight for what we want. Show 'them' that we're never going to give up on anything and keep on trying until we're a hero of ourselves♥

Ya Allah, Engkau permudahkan lah ujian yang bakal hambaMu ini hadapi nanti. Aminn!◕‿◕