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It's Friday, Friday! - Rebecca Black. Hahah, don't ask me why I put her name. It's FRIDAY, get it?

There were suppose to be 'sekolah gantian' tomorrow, first time I heard it, I was like 'Are you sure?' then teachers kept reminding all of the student. I was so not into one more day school, I wanna rest, wakes up in the afternoon. I miss the bed that always slept under me. Pillow, blanket, what more can I ask? Ouch, missed it alot. Whenever there is a school, I'll be sleeping for 7 to 6 hours. It isn't enough. I wanna sleep for 10 hours, may I?

Today, my block got a spotcheck, my classmate and I were in the lab learning Biology. Then came two prefects asked all the student to go out from the lab. I bet there will be a spotcheck, not wil but DEFINATELY - yes. I wore my F's watch, it's G-shock in purple colour. I'd used it for about 2 days, and becuz of today, that watch had been kept by the prefects and for sure, it will goes to the 'disiplin' teacher's hand. I was like 'Eh orng lain elok je takkene rmpas kan? Aku punye bukan main.' i saw many of the school's girls wearing NOT blue, black and white watch, why they can wear it except me? WHY?

Once I'm back home, hurriedly I called F. He was crying bcuz he missed me and he had done something wrong. No need to tell ya, and I forgave him. Bcuz I'd done MORE damn mistakes at him, so I'd told him all about it, the watch and so on, ALL. He was spechless. I felt so wrong, I'm sooooo scared if he would not forgive me bcuz that watch can be redeem at the end of this year. Thanks god, he forgave me. He said 'Takgune nak marah-2, bnde dah kene rmpas kan.' fyuuuhhh, thanks bie, mmuuaahh :'* I'm sooo soriiiii auw.

Tonight Imma robbed that school. I promise I won't take anything except that watch ;> ilyF.

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