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Monday, March 26, 2012 @ 4:14 PM | 0 Comment [s]

There's a boy who came to my life last fortnight. He's just an ordinary boy, a boy who's finding for a true love and a boy who misses his ex-girlfriend that died ages ago. He had such a small eyes where people called it 'sepet' yet it's so adorable, he's small but have a big heart, he's 18 years old this year, he's amazing, likes to talk alot and mostly he's so lovely :3

I don't know how and why this feeling towards you have become more and more since the day we met. I do love you, so fvcking in love. You're so different, I can't imagine how I'd stolen your heart, seriously I don't know, Iloveyou my dear Love. Not because of your looks but because of your heart and personality.

Please oh please, don't leave me. I want you and I'm started to NEED you in my life. I'm so glad to have your heart, I can't promise anything but one thing for sure, I'm gonna love you till the end, muahh my AF ^^

Muhammad Amirul Fahmi Bin Che Anuar , ILOVEYOUSOMUCH :*

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This song really inspired me a lot. It teaches me to always fight for what we want. Show 'them' that we're never going to give up on anything and keep on trying until we're a hero of ourselves♥

Ya Allah, Engkau permudahkan lah ujian yang bakal hambaMu ini hadapi nanti. Aminn!◕‿◕