Hello Holidays.

Friday, March 9, 2012 @ 7:19 PM | 0 Comment [s]

Finally, the day comes. The day that I wished for. The day where people called ''student'' waited for. Oh goshh, Oh my Holiday! We all missed you soooo much. Thanks for coming and invited us. May you be a party rock holidays :*

Btw, exams - BYEBYE! March test are finally over. Now I'm shaking to know what's my result. Gosh goshhhh, I'm frustated waiting for my results! Before I forgotten, this morning, my Addmath's teacher gave us our Addmath result, guess what? I get 72%! Yeyyy! (Y).

Next, I'm gonna talk about my holidays-to-be plan. Tomorrow is Saturday, I wanna hangout :'( I miss you HANGOUT. So lets hangout? Anybody? Or anyone? HELLO? Sunday maybe having moment with my family. Monday, go for my second check-up, Hospital. Tuesday, follow Inaz for her 'Folio'. Wednesday, hangout again. Thursday 'till Sunday, I don't know yet. Can you fill up my holidays? Like seriously, I wanna spend my party rock holidays with bunch of moments :)

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