Oh my AF.

Thursday, March 29, 2012 @ 3:28 PM | 0 Comment [s]

Oh my AF. Although it has been two days we called our status as a couple but like seriously, I think I'd already owned you for a thousand years.

Yesterday was the second time you came to my house and for the first time ever I'd introduced you to my ibu. You both do really can get along, I think, hahah :D lets just remember the first time you came here, remember that was the time when I forced you to come? And the first time I asked your favor to top up for me? Remember bie? And you was like whattttt? Hahah, I still can remember that time, Imissyou.

On our first date, we went for a cycle here in BGP, not far from my house. And that was the first time we hold hands, I fed you with my delicious Chips Ahoy, oh myyyyyyyyy I missed that time! I want to fed you again, hehehe. Imissyou Imissyou and Imissyou. You're the loveliess most amazing Boyfriend I ever had, Iloveyousomuch :*

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