Stomach pain and waiting for operation.

Sunday, March 4, 2012 @ 12:30 AM | 0 Comment [s]

Hey there. I'm having a stomach pain right now - in the middle of the night, like seriously it's 1218am, I was about to sleep but suddently my stomach hurts like hell. I had to wake up and rush to the bathroom! With my sleepy eyes, and I don't know why I brought along my fhone. So I had a poop while online-ing. Hahah!

It's Sunday, and guess what? Tomorrow's Monday, exam again. Goshh, how am I suppose to live this way? Why can't I have a beauty sleep for two dayssssss, whyyyy? Nevermind Shana, 5 more days then you off from school for a week. Hell yeah, can't wait this Friday! Friday please come quick, I already miss you sooo much T.T

Today I went to the hospital Ar-Ridzuan to have a check up. I have 'something' inside my body, I mean not the whole body, somewhere inside me, guess it yourself bcuz I wanna keep it as secret for this moment. Only certain people knows about it, and they already promise not to tell anyone. I trust them, hopefully true. So the doctor already confirm my sickness and I will have another check up, I don't know when, maybe this holidays, and after the check up, I will be given a date to operate it out from my body. I bet people thinks that I'm having a gastric or something like that, hahah, my answer is no no no. I don't have that sickness. Bcuz I'm having a good eating habit :D

So that's it for today, I don't know what else to say. Bye, nites :*

Lots of Love, Shana.

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