Swim bebeh swim.

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This afternoon, I'd changed like entire of my blog. From head to toe. And it still doesn't look perfect -,- why? Becuz no music. I was rushing while editing my blog just now. That's why there's no sound, like a creepy blog. Hahah! But I still love it, muah muah to my shanaohh.blogspot.com :*

Like I said, I was rushing doing my blog, bcuz my father was very very very late. He invited all of his student to go for a swim at B.A. Resort, Kuala Kangsar. He was the one that's sooo excited, and he was the one that's sooo late. Hahah!

On the way, we were lost, hell yeah, late and lost, how great is that huh? I was sooo damn bored in the car, my father was finding the way. Inaz Carter was the one whom accompany me along the way. Hahah, thanks ya :D

Once we all reached there, we all were swimming, I mean not we all, my ibu and I only sat beside the waterfall on the big and gigantic rocks! Wow! My father's student were having sooo much fun, they pushed each other, swimming, pulling other's pants, and soo much crazy things! Hahah! I admit it, it was so much fun :D hope someday we will go there AGAIN.

On the evening, I went to the Pasar Malam at BGP. I called Mimi, hoping to met her. Guess what? She was at the Cyber Cafe with Lynn!!!!! That cc was soooo near. So I went there fetch them and we went for a walk at the BGP. We buy drinks and stick fried chicken. After that, we went to the Mesra, Lynn wantes to bought the aiscream. They are sooooooo like ehem ehem when they wanted to bought it! I was like can you make it faster? Please? Ergh. Hahaha. That's it, I have exams tomorrow, Bi and Physic. Wish me luck ok!

Lots of Love, Shana.

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