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Sometimes I wondered, what friends are made for? Are "they" really-2 my friends or barely known as "bestfriends"? I'm puzzled thinking why do I always feel that I'm no one to them, sometimes I think I'm a stranger to them. WHY? How could this situation occurs? I think "she" is the best for me, a girl that could be with me till forever but now I think that's not going to happen. I miss the old "us". I know, maybe bcuz of our situation now, we may be seperated bcuz of our class and also my mum don't really like "you". But who cares? Friendship should never vanish eventhough there's someone who hates our friendship. Again, who cares? They can't stop us from being friends, that's our property.

I trust you alot. But this what you repay me? I know, I didn't help you much and you ALSO don't help me much. So that's a 0-0. Right? But atleast I told you my "secrets", the shittest thing right now is why did you told the others about my secrets? Like seriously, you're stabbing me from my back and I hate it alot! Nowadays you'd been kinda "lesbo", serious euww. I'm normal and I do really hate to tell others about your "lesbo-ness" with her. Again, euwwwwww >< so stop talking about me dumb.

"You" have been such a pain in the ass since this year started. I don't know why "you both" loves to make my heart suffer bcuz of your jokes or statement. Serious, I hate it. Think you're right enough? Think again. Every word you said is like erghhhh and I can't stand it anymore, I HATE ITTTT.

Backdays, I do really-2 think that "you all" are the most awesome friends that I could ever have but my mistaken, that's nonsence now. I miss the old "us". Hope you read this and realise why I don't talk much now :/ LoveYouGuys, thanks for making me a 'nobody' now and thanks for everything.
This post is made for "someone" and if you think this is for you, it may be true :)

Lots of Love, Shana.

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