Please bieeee.

Monday, April 23, 2012 @ 11:37 PM | 0 Comment [s]

Howdieee folks. It's 1125pm now, Monday. And I can't sleep. Can I count sheeps right now? Where are youuuuu dear Mr. And Mrs. Sheep? Waiting --'

I miss him alot. Him? Oyeh my one and only boy. He's the greates boy ever, like seriously EVER. I-I Love You Like A Love Song Baby :* Lately, we rarely contact, yeah maybe bcuz you're buzy-ing hangout with your friends or you got something else to do. But nevermind, as long as you always have the time for me, then it's okay :)

Next month is the month where there will be 'Unhappy Moment' and 'Absolutely Awesome Day'. Why? Kay let me tell you the good thing first, it's my bday. 15/5. Don't cha forget :D and the saddest moment is he's gonna knows the result which place will he be furthering his studies :( *sedih T^T* I don't know how I'm gonna live without you or seeing you for months :'( I already miss you nowww! Please ouh please don't go too far away from me, pleaseee. Ok, stop until here, I'm about to cry. Tissue where are you? T^T

Dear AF, although we'll gonna be far apart, but my heart will always gonna be yours. Iloveyousomuch and I hope we'll gonna be as happy as a lark always, forever will. Like you always said 'Walaupun kita jauh, tapi hati kita sentiase dekat, melekat kan kan kan' ehee :D

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