Nurul Asmimi bt. Abdul Hamid.

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Hello readers, this post is dedicated especially for my one true bestfriend who was given a name, Nurul Asmimi bt. Abdul Hamid. I'm so sorry bcuz I update this post so late, I know your birthday was about 3 weeks ago. So sorry kay :/ Hey, atleast I'm now doing it, right? Heheh.

Dear Mamee,
We have been friends for about 3 years now since we were form 2. I don't know how to thank you, maybe by giving money? Nahhhhh, it's better for me to spend it rather than giving those precious money to you :p heheh. You have been such a great friend, an amazing one among the rest. You always help me whenever I need you. You always tell me stories about your life and everything that's happening around you.

Sometimes, whenever I'm out of credit, the first person that I'll ask for help is you. So sorry bcuz I always ask for your help but hey, I also always help you right? That's what friends are made for. You also always help me through thick and thin. I don't know how much did you help me whenever I'm in the hurry but seriously I know it's alot. Thanks and thanks. I owned you alot and I'm gonna pay it whenever you need me ^^

You'd teach me how to have a hearty heart like yours and you'd teach me how to appreciate others. You've done alot to make me realise that I'm not no one but someone :D Iloveyousomuch, this may be a post but it means alot to me. This words and post can't describe how much you mean to me as a bestfriend. I hope our friendship won't last and lastly, please don't leave me, I need you sayang. Thank you so much :)

Lots of Love, Shana.

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