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The last time you see me opened this blog is on 6/11/2012. So it's about like 11 months I didn't open my blog. Kinda weird huh? Well, that's reality k. I don't have any story to tell yet. Oh ya, I'd just changed the appearance of my blog. Seems like its old the oprevious one, so I have to change it to a new appearance. I kinda like it cuz it's pink! My addiction!

It's 0345am now. Tomorrow I have AddMaths tuition and I'm still on the internet. I really REALLY need to have my rest now. But these eyes of mine won't close. Hm, sad life :( Ok byeeeeee.

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This song really inspired me a lot. It teaches me to always fight for what we want. Show 'them' that we're never going to give up on anything and keep on trying until we're a hero of ourselves♥

Ya Allah, Engkau permudahkan lah ujian yang bakal hambaMu ini hadapi nanti. Aminn!◕‿◕